Before Marvel fully ushers in their Phase Three plans for 2016 and beyond, there’s one last character that need be introduced to the public. Maybe the smallest character that need be introduced to the public. After the company got super cute by releasing a microscopic size teaser trailer to kick off the marketing plan for Ant-Man, the guys finally figured that all fans wanted to see was Paul Rudd as Scott Lang in a human size so they released the full trailer last night during Agent Carter.

Rudd’s Scott Lang, a skilled thief, gets a shot at redemption by Michael Douglas who’s playing the legendary Dr. Hank Pym. Even though Lang has been to prison, he’s still a hero in the eyes of his daughter and he wants nothing more than to prove to the world that his daughter is right. In order for that, Pym offers one appeal to him, that he don the suit Pym made famous.

Now, Ant-Man follows the Marvel trailer experience to a tee with semi-serious shots of a prison break, Cory Stall’s Yellowjacket villain being introduced, Ant-Man shrinking down to size, flying atop a miniaturized bug and so forth but Rudd breaks the tension near the end, inquisitive about the name. Since, you know, Ant-Man isn’t all that damn threatening.

Catch the trailer above. The film, which is directed by Peyton Reed and stars Evangeline Lilly, Bobby Cannavale, Michael Peña, T.I. and John Slattery will hit theaters July 17th.