In the time her name has been a fixture in Houston’s music scene, Tawn Peron (b/k/a Tawn P) has been many things. A woman who only need a microphone and a drum. A gospel ready made singer who could flip guy tracks on their ear. Member of a ready made classic rap duo in All Day. But through it all she’s always stayed in a pivot, rocking with both arms folded and the idea that it’s her versus the world, forever.

“Hot-N-Cold” looks to change that narrative with the quickness. Tim Ned opts for acoustic vibes and light guitar work for Tawn Peron, who sings of a relationship and the belief that due to friction, some days are warmer than others. “When you touch me, makes me feel everything’ll be okay,” she sings on the song but pulls back saying, “Somehow I know that’s not true.”

Dealing with the ebb and flow of life, Peron may offer something more behind that unmistakable look of short cropped hair and plenty of well placed ink. Honesty, vulnerability are the keys to what make some artists breathe in higher spaces than others. Tawn Peron wants to be free, almost in the same manner her idol Whitney Houston wanted to be. Maybe “Hot-N-Cold” is a step in that direction.