The back and forth of a relationship, a fling, a sexual curiosity will always be chief amongst men and women. It’s a fact. Sometimes you want to be with someone, other times you want to be completely isolated once you’ve reached a breaking point. Never one to sugarcoat his emotions and wants, Jack Freeman can see the girl of his dreams also be the one trying to burn his dream to a crisp.

“Carousel,” the new age blues presented by Freeman, DeLorean & producer Chris Rockaway features some brute honesty from Freeman (“I know you ain’t worth it but I still cry over you”) and DeLo along with his lady shooting blanks at one another with every intent of said blanks being real. Both have sins, both have made mistakes but painting the picture is even starker and clearer thanks to Chris Rockaway’s boardwork, blues filled with bar ready guitar strings and drums that beckon for a drink or two.

Stream the brand new loosie from Jack Freeman & company below.