Even though it was originally set to drop during the Christmas holidays, BeatKing has something else in store for fans with his Club God 4 mixtape and for god reason. You don’t come off a personal high with Gangsta Boo and your Underground Cassette Tape Music project without looking for a little bit more to keep the party going. At his best, BeatKing raps in tight circles, stop and pause directives that feel more like a preacher’s sermon than song. In the strip club, his word is gospel.

“Stopped” features some pretty loose piano keys and BeatKing asserting in a sort of whiny scoff the difference between life then and life now. It gets drowsy for a second but then BeatKing flips a switch, goes into warp speed double-time flow to again show he can actually rap his ass off before passing off to 5th Ward JP & Yella Breezy who offer more loaded statements than actual verses. Stream “Stopped” from BeatKing below and prepare for Club God 4 whenever it lands in the early part of 2015.

As a bonus, check out BeatKing & D. Carter get back to basics on their “HTP” track and video, shot by Mr. Vault & LYFE.