Show of hands if you had the second day of 2015 to give us our first racist story of the year. A new lawsuit against cosmetic giant Revlon is revealing plenty of dirt in regards to CEO Lorenzo Delpani, who according to former Revlon scientist Alan Meyers has publicly derided Jewish people (“they stick together”), chided Americans as a whole (“small-minded”, “dirty”), alleged that America was closer to ISIS than anything else and to top it all off, said he could “smell blacks when they walked into a room.”

The explosive lawsuit and damming statements were filed by Meyers who was fired last month after he complained about his treatment and the response to health and safety concerns he had while working for the company. In court documents obtained by the New York Post, Meyers alleges that Delpani, “had it out for him for having red-flagged safety issues in the production and manufacturing process,” and also claims, “he was concerned that several labs were not equipped to adequately test raw materials to satisfy Revlon’s safety standards.”

The incendiary remarks leveled by the Revlon CEO were said to have started once he assumed the position in 2013. Kiki Rees spokesperson for Revlon called Meyers lawsuit “fruitless” and that he, “repeatedly demonstrated critical lapses in judgment and failed to perform at the high standard we demand of our employees.”

Meyers has claimed that his treatment at Revlon, for whom he had been a chief scientist since 2010 was comparable to bullying, noting one incident in October where he was forced to hold a whiteboard aloft for 30 minutes during a high-level meeting. Stress from the incident forced him to be hospitalized with chest pains.