If you let Hollywood tell it, the 1988 Dallas Carter High School football team is arguably the rudest thing to ever come across your screen. Worse than the Dallas Cowboys in Little Giants, worse than whatever team Jamie Foxx played against in the playoffs in Any Given Sunday. Nope, Odessa Permian had to have one rather evil foe playing against them that ’88 season and Carter became the victim.

Here’s the truth of the matter: Dallas Carter probably had the better story. Only they didn’t have a highly celebrated book written about them. Now their story gets to come to the big screen in Carter High, a spotlight on that tumultuous 1988 season in which the school battled the courts over whether or not they would even participate in the 1988 5A State Playoffs.

The trailer for Carter High shows plenty of known sports movie tropes, determination and grit and all that but I’m curious if the film is going to discuss the aftermath of the 1988 season, in which Dallas Carter not only beat Odessa Permian 14-9 in the state semifinal, they laid waste to Converse Judson to claim Dallas’ first state title in over 50 years before it was vacated not only due to ineligible players but Carter High being involved in a massive armed robbery scandal in the Dallas area involving 21 armed robberies, some of which committed by star football players.

It’s Dallas to the core with former Dallas Cowboy Greg Ellis serving as executive producer, former Carter High receiver Arthur Muhammad wrote and directed Carter High which stars David Banner, Charles S. Dutton & Vivica A. Fox. Banner’s role is rather interesting as he plays Royce West, the young lawyer who represented defensive back Gary Edwards, one of the Carter High players sent to prison for his role in those 21 armed robberies.

Catch the trailer and see for yourself.