It’s evident from the opening frames of Doughbeezy & Issac Yowman’s “I’m From Texas” video that plenty of leeway was given between the original track and the new one. Slowed down, chopped up, spliced in recordings of Pimp C & DJ Screw, the main purpose of the “I’m From Texas” video was to show off how hard people believe in Doughbeezy, in how big an anthem “I’m From Texas” and how pride may seem bigger than anything else.

There are extras and cameos galore in the “I’m From Texas” video, a post apocalyptic view where nothing but Texas sports paraphernalia outlines tribes, Dough sitting back pulling on clouds of smoke while glimpses of the past play near him. He may not have a birth certificate that draws him to Texas but his kids do. His fianceé does and the impetus that drives him resides here. Welcome to 2015, we’re going to have quite an interesting ride to the end from here on out if you don’t claim the Lone Star State.

Doughbeezy’s 2014 mixtape, Footprints On The Moon is available now.