The Day & A Dream Staff is getting picky this holiday season. While other sites are rolling out traditional year-end listicles, the crew at Day & A Dream decided to settle on everyone’s individual best album of 2014, regardless of genre. Here’s our own Jenna deciding that the best course of action for her son not liking her favorite LP from Freddie Gibbs & Madlib is grounds for disownment.

To My Once Dearest Jordan,

It’s been a little over three weeks since the day I decided to disown you over your consistent refusal to listen to Piñata. And yes, I’m still quite OK with my decision. I know that you’ve been trying to reach out to me but I need you to know that I stand firm on my decision. I’m done with you. Yeah, I did allow you in my home for Christmas but I did it for the family. And nope, I still don’t feel bad that I didn’t get you a gift. NOT ONE DAMN GIFT.

For he that refuses to listen to Freddie Gibbs & Madlib’s Piñata – the greatest and most complete project of 2014 serving up both nostalgia and imagination – well he deserves nothing, nada. Piñata (See what I did there?)

Seriously, when I’m gifted with lyrics that I can quote at anytime during any situation – “Why the feds worried ‘bout me clocking on this corner / When there’s politicians out here getting popped in Arizona/bitch, I’m thuggin’” – pure genius, and frankly Jordan, I need you to understand this. Go on ahead and play this track and appreciate those looped and sped up guitar licks and believe me. Gibbs quite frankly may be more concerned with Congresswomen on “Thuggin” than I am with your lack of Christmas gifts this year. Sorry, not sorry.

Never in all of your existence did I ever think you would disagree with me on anything music related. And to have the audacity to not even attempt to listen to the project because you don’t like Gibbs’ voice? Speechless. What the fuck? Whatever, yo.

Let me tell you something, Piñata is perfection within itself – reminiscent of old school rap meets 70’s soul and funk. Gibbs voice is genius within the context of the entire production. He gives this project a human feel – his musical flow somewhat tangible: versatile, breezy yet thuggish. And Madlib? His sprinkle of eccentricities and druggy crate-digging beats; folks need to step up and realize that he is definitely a key player in West Coast hiphop. And with contributing features from Raekwon, Casey Veggies, and Scarface (yes SCARFACE) – there is no wrong.

Do you hear me Jordan? I don’t think so; so let me put it this way. Knowing that Rocky is your favorite movie of all time, in my heart and to the depths of my soul, I know that if Rocky were still young and able to step into that boxing ring one more time, his theme song would be “Shittsville”. Come on J; picture it. Balboa, the Italian Stallion coming out to these lyrics –

You wake up everyday and pray before you sleep, right?
You motherfuckers just like me
You shed tears when you hurting, if I cut you then you bleed, right?
You motherfuckers just like me
But bitch you acting like your shit don’t stink
Shit’s real
Bitch, you acting like your shit don’t stink
This Shitsville

So, he steps into the ring, knockout. Then, just like that, Balboa turns to the camera and says “If I cut you then you bleed, right?” End scene. Classic Jordan, classic just like this motherfuckin’ album.

So Jordan, I’m gonna leave you with this, a quote from Gibbs himself describing Piñata – and if you can’t appreciate the realness in his words … I mean, if this doesn’t make you listen to Pinata, then you’re ending your 2014 without blessing your life. Peace out, bruh.

“….a gangster Blaxploitation film on wax. I will show you my flaws; I’ll show you what I’ve done wrong and what I’ve fucked up at. “I don’t regret shit, but I’ll show you the things I’m not proud of. I’m about to show niggas how to rap again. Everybody else is going to fall in line.”

P.S. You know how Freddie recorded his Uncle Big Time Watts for this album? How Watts tells his nephew, “You’re a pain in the ass muh’fucker?” That’s how I feel when you tell me you don’t like Freddie Gibbs. Nor Piñata.

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