After an absolute shit show of news in 2014, why not close the year out with the most ridiculous thing of all? Temecula, California is officially the latest and greatest landmark in Twitter history all thanks to a “beef” that occurred on Christmas Day between two Twitter users, @MyTweetsRealAF and @SnottieDrippen over two things, disrespect & Kobe Bryant. The phrase “Meet Me In Temecula” was born and we were off from there.

We thought the peak of this was one man admitting to drive 35 minutes to Temecula to settle the “beef” with a fair one. Nope, the memes started rolling out. The Houston Rockets, our own hometown team decided to get in on the fun Friday night following a win over the Memphis Grizzlies.

We thought that was it, a simple Black Sports Online “news story” that eventually found its way on Deadspin and SBNation. Then the always great and omniscient ESPN NBA analyst Amin Elhassan chose his Saturday morning Sportscenter spot to make a reference on-air.

That’s it, there’s no way “Meet Me In Temecula” could get any bigger, right? Wrong. Sunday night, “Meet Me In Temecula” became a diss officially became a diss record, all 3:13 minutes of old school West Coast rap fur laid out over Drake & Lil Wayne’s “Believe Me” from @MyTweetsRealAF. Since the release of the diss, @SnottieDrippen has already said he’s not retaliating but even though diss records between Twitter users has been done before (see @HumbleTeej vs. @Zipsquad_Jihad), this might be the only one that somehow has caught the attention of everybody.

Including Kobe Bryant.

“Meet Me In Temecula” reached the Black Mamba Sunday night following yet another Lakers loss, this time at the hands of the Suns. How did Kobe respond once ESPN Lakers beat reporter Arash Markazi let him know the news? In true Kobe fashion, “Mamba Army don’t f*ck around. They take after their captain.”

Yeah, Kobe has to get @MyTweetsRealAF some tickets or a jersey or a photo op, beloved.

So there you have it. In a span of four days (and plenty of lazy news going around), a Twitter spat led to a full blown discussion over respect and sports heroes, fighting people, driving to fight people for 35-minutes, writing diss records about said fights and how Twitter should probably be a paid service. It’s the only medium in the world where something this ridiculously crazy can spread like wildfire.

Meanwhile, Facebook is probably still putting together laughs to old Vine clips and “starter packs”.