Over a table full of food and drinks, Chedda Da Connect’s “Flicka Da Wrist” made its way into some houses for Christmas. Funny how in a year where Houston really did embrace trap hits that a rather rasp, cadence driven artist like Chedda stood out. Hence why Chedda Da Connect releasing his Catchin Playz 2 mixtape as a late season gift makes a ton of sense.

Most of the production Chedda deals with is sparse, 808 heavy where he can flip drug and gun talk like someone who’s seen it and done it. He raps in breathy four or five phrase blocks, jabbing and weaving as opposed to charging in at every step. “Flicka Da Wrist” wasn’t some cheap club number that broke big, it works in simplicity. It’s not forced like many other records of its ilk and a lot of Catchin Playz 2 isn’t. Save for maybe the Bun B assisted “Dunk On Em”, the rest of the tape revolves around Chedda isolating himself to enjoying the fruits of the world. Not to mention kicking down a few people who disagree.

Rodji, Sosamann & Sauce Walka of The Sauce Factory all lend guest verses to Catchin Playz 2. DJ Mr. Rogers adds his own brand of shit talk every now and then, reminding folks that nothing was given to him as he ascend to being arguably the best DJ in the city. It’s victory for all involved, a relatively harmless tape aimed for live inside of whips on a Saturday night and in public setting. Catch a play of your own and download the tape below.