We’ll be honest. Like the rest of you our Friday night has been spent eating Christmas leftovers and glued in to The Wire marathon on HBO. A few weeks ago, YG released a new EP in tandem with his soon-to-be considered hood classic film, Blame It On The Streets. While the EP was solid and basically a short but sweet extension of the greatness YG displayed on My Krazy Life, the fil to Blame It On The Streets might get all the headway. Why? Because it ranks somewhere between mildly entertaining and over the top hood cinema.

You can try and guess a plot for YG’s Blame It On The Streets but it basically revolves around he and the homies “Bicken Back Bein’ Bool” before getting involved in shootouts, flockin’ in an Asian residence, a sex scene, some weed being smoked, some music, a police chase, some fights and more. Basically My Krazy Life come to life since it ties itself to a “day in the life” version of YG. Kick back and watch it, we’re pretty sure you’re going to find a favorite line in there somewhere.