Alright, so for the past month or so the film The Interview staring Seth Rogan and James Franco has been the talk of the town. It has been the center of entertainment and political news after its production company Sony was hacked and then threaten, if the film was not pulled from premiering in theaters. There has been wide range speculations on the true agenda behind this act and after viewing the film in it entirety…I really do not see the big deal that the media is trying to portray to its audience.

The Interview centers around a producer played by Seth Rogan and the famous television personality Dave Skylark portrayed by James Franco. When given the opportunity to interview the President and or Dictator of North Korea Kim Jong-Un they are led down a path of chaos, espionage, margaritas and a lot of Katy Perry.

This was another classic case of movies that display all the gut busting scenes in the trailer. The film surrounds itself with Rogan’s usual antic of strangely bromantic romance, obvious gay references, and usual humor that would only be appeasing to that of a stoner, which I am sure this movie was intended for. The portrayal of Jong-Un was quite questionable as the films main plot was a series of “Honey-Dicking” throughout the film. For those unfamiliar with this term, it’s basically manipulating a person into believing something you want them too. In this case Jong-Un is portrayed as maniac tyrant with daddy issues who just want to soar in the sky like a firework, hence the Katy Perry references throughout the film. I can see where the leader of North Korea could be offended by this portrayal of him if the rumor that the people of North Korea envision him as a God.

The controversy surrounding this film continues to leave holes about what exactly is everyone so upset about? This portrayal of Jong-Un can mean one of two things. Either this interpretation of him is a complete farce that has no truth to it what so ever, or that this portrayal is spot on. One thing is for certain in my eyes, I would think the President of North Korea would have something better to do like say run the millions of people in his country (Sips Tea). But in all this movie is clearly just another one of Seth Rogan, Evan Goldberg, and Dan Sterlings attempts to make a comedy. This film in no way stands out from the series of films they have made in the past. This film relied on corny jokes, odd-ball humor, and flat out stupidity that just doesn’t really hit. There continuation to incorporate gestures and lingo normally associated with black people has still not managed to hit with audiences.

It is as if Rogan and Franco are the new Cheech and Chong but with a bigger budget. I’m not sure whether the way this whole scenario turned out was positive for the film or hurt them in the long run. When I first heard about the film, the promotion for it was not as big as expected. Now with the controversy behind the film, audiences became curious about why is this movie so offensive to cause a potential war with another country. Thus making it a must see in the eyes of the viewer. Unfortunately it doesn’t meet the expectation behind the hype which makes me wonder, was this a ploy from the beginning from Sony for people to see the film?

The timeline around this film is very sketchy as Sony went from pulling the film entirely, to showing only in very selected theaters, to now mainstream download and rental. For a movie that was so offensive to North Korea, and potentially could spark a war. Wouldn’t the government considered this film a national threat and want to avoid an attack at all cost? Or maybe this is an experiment to see how sales could turn out if new films were sent to immediate download release. After all the box office sales have continued to decrease in the last five years and do not appears to be improving. But hey that just something to think about:


This film gets a 5/10 and should be viewed just how it was released…On Rental.