iLoveMakonnen - Down 4 So Long (f. Ezra Koenig, Despot)

How do you cap off having a banner breakout year? By giving away the remix to your second major single of the year.

iLoveMakonnen emerged as one of the Rookies of the Year in 2014, the singer-rapper’s “Tuesday” single dominating radio and being added to the growing roster of Drake’s OVOSound brand. “Down 4 So Long” was one of the stand-out cuts off iLoveMakonnen’s recent EP; and the OVO affiliate grabbed Ezra Koenig and Queens, New York rapper to enhance “Down’s” official remix on the last day of Red Bull’s groundbreaking 20 Before 15 music series.

There’s a business model to it at all, because each contributor offers something different – the presence of Koenig invites pop-rock audiences to partake; Despot is the underground artist amidst two stars that gives the upbeat song with a dark tone a sort of gritty-voiced secret weapon; and Makonnen lies there between both, firmly in the middle as half-commercial presence and half-star on the rise. The gumbo of different people all on the same track allows the “Down 4 So Long (Remix)” to redefine itself, and go from being an audio clone of K. Camp’s “Cut Her Off” into an “I survived the worst of it all” anthem.

Though you can no longer download the single for free, you can still stream iLoveMakonnen’s “Down 4 So Long (Remix)” featuring Ezra Koenig and Despot down below.