If you had today as the date circled on your calendar in terms of the Entourage movie getting its first teaser trailer, you’re in luck. Today show runner Doug Elin revealed the first glimpse at the upcoming Entourage movie and the gang’s all here.

From the surface it looks like an extended Entourage episode with Vince doing another big budget movie ($8 million over!), and E, Turtle, Ari & Drama all dealing with their own personal issues. There’s glimpses of Sloan here and there as well as Mrs. Ari but there’s a few new characters tossed into the mix such as Billy Bob Thornton, Haley Joel Osmont and Ronda Rousey, who seems to be playing Turtle’s love interest.

There’s also a cameo from Mark Whalberg near the end of the trailer but considering this all looks like it’s going to take place six months following the show’s 2011 finale, we’ll have to wait until next summer to find out. Now watch the Entourage trailer below.