“I’ma shit on anyone that play the kid…”

When you look back at the growth of certain groups or movements or fanbases in 2014 Houston rap, Doeman’s name is going to hover somewhere near the top. The Sauce Twinz are up there as well and same for a few others. But to watch Doeman link together with the far more established acts in Houston such as Le$, Doughbeezy and Propain, it’s something to watch and behold. Thus, a track like “Going Major,” a bleary horn heavy track from IV between Doeman & Le$ exists in all of its lifestyle rap glory.

Le$ has always shied away from the idea of “cloud rap,” a misnomer built around weed rappers who rap in a higher pitch and wrap their entire lives and actions around a plant. “Going Major” does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Not completely send two rappers into another stratosphere but it satisfies like a good IHOP plate, especially Doe & Le$ who show undeniable chemistry in bouncing bars off one another. Doeman has always rapped like he has a chip on his shoulder. Le$ always has rapped with a fun sneer that gets mistaken for a chip. It’s how Doeman can flip punchlines from Grease of all damn places while positioning himself as the equivalent of 2Pac and Biggie for their labels.

Aiming at haters, taking women and thriving at life. That’s all Doeman & Le$ want to do on “Going Major”. Stream the track below.