In what many see as growing trend, Milwaukee Country District Attorney John Chisholm has advised that former police officer Christopher Manney will not face any charges in relation to the fatal shooting of a mentally disturbed Black man.

During a press conference Chisholm stated, “(Manney’s) use of force was privileged and justified. On a human level, of course, it’s tragic … but our job is not to tell people necessarily what they want to hear.”

The confrontation initially began after two officers reported to Red Arrow Park, where Dontre Hamilton was discovered to have been sleeping. After determining that he had nothing wrong the duo left and Manney arrived on the scene; after attempting to frisk the schizophrenic man, an altercation broke out between the two resulting in Hamilton being shot 14 times.

It was determined that although Manney identified Hamilton as being mentally ill, he did not follow department policy by trying to frisk him as if he were a criminal. As a result he was fired in October, nearly six months after the actual incident.

Addressing supporters, Hamilton’s brother Nathaniel advised that the family had not given up their fight stating “We deserve justice. Justice is our right.”

The U.S. Department of Justice has already advised that a federal review of the case is currently underway.