The Dream - Fruition

At the start of 2014, The-Dream channeled his inner Malcolm X and released “Black,” a modern-day protest song released in light of the shooting of Trayvon Martin and various other issues happening around the world at the time. The hope was that the singer-songwriter was prepping for the release of an album before year’s end; but instead, we got an EP Royalty: The Prequel and not much else.

Until now.

Late last night, The-Dream unveiled “Fruition,” his newest single. A four minute and thirty second trip back into the past, “Fruition” flourishes over ’80s-inspired Yamaha keys and hard-driving drums. The-Dream goes for the jugular on the smooth cut, evoking his falsetto and singing about his desire to find something meaningful romantically. It’s been rumored that “Fruition” is the first taste of a two-part album – slated to be entitled Crown Jewel – but whether that’s true or not, doesn’t matter. What doesn’t matter is that Terius has been gone for a minute but hasn’t missed a beat R&B-wise at all.