Short Dawg having a project called Drank Sinatra & The Scripts is absolute genius. He’s long been one of the few artists who found a niche around drank related topics in rap. He’s also one of the few Houston acts who has managed to stay in a bit of a holding pattern. He raps, performs and leaves, takes nothing for chance and satisfies a fan base.

“Addiction” is another one of those Short Dawg moments where the Houston drank kid does nothing more than what’s asked of him. He’s got an Ab-Soul feature and Soulo is just as woozy flow wise about a specific lady who has the same type of sway that a four liter with Jolly Ranchers sitting in the bottom does. When Soul came to Houston in late October, this was the result. Short Dawg crafting low-eyed, chuckle worthy punchlines built around his love for the double cup.

Drank Sinatra & The Scripts is coming soon.