Kevin Hart is here to bring racial harmony to the world. He’s already got Josh Gad doing the dougie in his upcoming movie The Wedding Planner and now he’s returning to an area where he can let loose (R-rated comedies) for Get Hard, a terribly titled prison-buddy movie with Will Ferrell and Internet (and Community favorite) Alison Brie.

You want a plot? Ferrell is a closed minded bigot who has everything. He then gets found guilty of fraud and embezzlement and is sentenced to 10 years fed time. Terrible, right? Nope, it gets worse. He believes that Hart’s character Darnell has prison experience solely because he’s a) black b) appears to have a lower education & c) and low economic status. In other words, Will Ferrell is racist and Kevin Hart is going to throw an elaborate con to set him straight. It’s the movie America needs!

We’re gonna have to wait a couple months before all the racism and tension (and T.I. cameo) can come into focus. Get Hard doesn’t land in theaters until March 27.