There’s plenty of noise emanating from the home of Cash Money Records and most of it happens to be negative. With the longest tenured member of the label Lil Wayne voicing that he’s Young Money and Young Money only, somehow the label has managed to let Nicki Minaj focus solely on her upcoming The Pinkprint album release next Tuesday.

A day after her Beyonce featured “Feeling Myself” hit the web, Nicki Minaj ups the promo even further. Her official “Only” video takes into account that Cash Money’s Big Three when on are like a money machine. Wayne and Drake here are sending some of the greatest dirty macking lines in existence on a track where Nicki only tells the world, “if I let [Drake & Wayne] f*ck, they’d eat my ass.” Cheeky!

Also, how do you feel if you’re Scafbeezy at this point? Your ex has now made an album filled with some of the low points in your relationship and then decided to greenlight a track where her co-workers are getting at her with you in the room. If you follow Twitter sir, you know good and damn well you don’t let work husbands or whatever get ANYwhere near your main.

Watch the rather creepy and dominating video (no Nazi talk this time!) from Nicki Minaj, Drake, Wayne & even crazier Chris Brown below. For a bonus record, catch the YM trio again on “Truffle Butter” where if you’ve heard Mally Mall’s “Whatcha Say,” you know that Drake verse.