“We wasn’t ‘sposed past 25, jokes on you we still alive.”

In the hood, the adage goes that if you live to make it past the median age of your twenties, you’re an OG. TDE’s Terrence “Punch” Henderson has been moonlighting as a rapper for some time now, operating as a vocal ghetto bird in the sky, offering passages into the grief and strife of growing up in Los Angeles amid gun violence and gangs. The sentiment for Punch stretches further on “25,” another moment in the TDE president’s burgeoning rap career where you’re convinced he’ll be putting out TDE’s sixth project of the year and not the guy featured on the track.

That “guy” would be Kendrick Lamar and while he offers a bit of singing on the hook of “25,” it’s once more a show steered by, starring and executive produced by Punch. “They say the average man only lives to 25/Well I made it past that and a n*gga still alive/Which means I’m in the red, I’m indebted to death/That’s the wages that sin pay, I’m still tracing that steps,” he spits on the track in a noted observance of not only his own mortality but how he’s going to eventually have to depart his own wisdom to the youth.

Hear “25” below and take in Punch adopting the role of the voice of the voiceless once more.