Created by Pastor Hannah Bonner, a new showcase called The Shout has quickly gained a following as the best of Houston’s poets, SLAM artists and  musicians are utilizing it to come together to voice their opinions outside of a traditional faith based setting.

Hosted by The Outspoken Bean, the series has already received praise for connecting the dots between artists throughout the city with community leaders in an effort to highlight social justice through artistic expression as patrons are treated to spoken word, art, musical performances and traditional poetry.

First launched at The Studio in Downtown Houston, previous showcases have been based on a variety of themes including “How Much Is Enough,” “What Is Freedom” and “What is Family,” which challenged performers to convey their personal idea of what family truly means to them. The audience was then allowed to take their own recollections and family memories in order to compare to the dialogue given by each speaker, after which the audience was encouraged to mingle with performers and share feedback.

In addition to the series of showcases, Pastor Bonner and members from The Shout team have also began working directly in Houston to spread awareness about various social and Civil Rights issues, provide information about ongoing rallies and provide a platform for those looking to become active in the community.

Up next the fourth show of the series will  be held December 16 at The Barn in Downtown Houston; the theme of this event will be “Where Is Home?”

Check out a few images from previous events:

For additional information or questions related to The Shout representatives please contact Jordan Harris via or 281.935.8339.