Two years ago at a Wizard World Comic Convention, a fan of CM Punk asked the professional wrestler if he would fight Jason David Frank in a MMA match, he said “Yes.” Since then this has started some buzz and has been around since then.  Now that CM Punk is signed with UFC this fight is very close to happening. UFC President Dana White stated that Punk’s first opponent would be with someone with equal footing in UFC. Jason David Frank has had two MMA matches and is a good candidate to fight CM Punk. The one thing that Frank has and Punk doesn’t is years of martial arts experience. Frank has been fond of the idea of fighting Punk for a while and when he was signed into UFC Frank jumped into the pool of wanting to fight him. Frank stated,

“I have to do this and wake up the UFC, I like CM, this is just a professional call out again.  This is my life and I deserve a shot at this.  Haters hate, winners win.  It’s a great fight, embrace, don’t hate.”

Let’s hope this fight happens and I personally think that Frank is a good choice for Punk since Frank is eager to fight and Punk wants to make a big impact coming into UFC.

Story brought to you by Josh Sabillon