The city of Dallas has pretty much adopted Pimp C in more ways than one. If Usher, the city’s most noted male R&B singer can name drop him in a concert and a rapper/producer combo like Bee Feral and Ish D can work UGK’s “Wood Wheel” into their own personal track about shining and being on point for “Candy Sweets,” their acknowledgment of the Pimp runs just as heavy as it does in Houston.

Doughbeezy offers a short closing verse but it’s mostly a Bee Feral show, thin voice, bubbled up focus and pomp over Ish D’s slow riding stroll of pumped up snares and organs. Bee Feral can ask plenty of questions about the lifestyle of everybody else who doesn’t get it but he wants to blow on candy sweets and pop the trunk in his candy toy. Stream “Candy Sweets” below.