Alright Boy Meets World fans, we get it. Girl Meets World doesn’t have the same ’90s charm of watching Cory Matthews grow up and still be taught by Mr. Feeny every year or deal with a Minkus or have an older brother like Eric who is making his own worldly navigation through life. We get it. Now get off your ’90s nostalgia trip and appreciate what we have now.

The Girl Meets World Christmas episode aired yesterday and the reunion fans have waited for all season finally happened. Cory & Shawn. Embracing. Together. Smiling. Cory still making Shawn feel more important in his life than Topanga. Riley and Maya looking at one another, “So that’s supposed to be us.” Cory’s parents there cracking wise because their “other” son showed up to Christmas. Happy, everybody happy!

Since the announcement of Girl Meets World, the show has experienced a huge uptick in viewership, leading to Disney picking it up for a second season. Now, I wonder when will the likes of Mr. Feeny, Eric and others from the original cast make their appearance.