New footage for the next upcoming Dragon Ball Z animated film has been released today in Japan! There has been lots of excitement on this new film especially since Frieza is resurrected! This is leading to some confusion because in the Dragon Ball Z TV series after loosing to Goku, Frieza survived with half of his body cut off. His dad found him and brought him back to life giving him an android type body and soon to be defeated for good by Vegeta’s son Trunks who traveled back in time. I am excited for this especially after the latest film “Dragon Ball Z Battle of the Gods” was a great hit. This series will forever be one of my favorites from my childhood!

In the trailer you can see that Frieza is back and he has an army! The trailer is in Japanese so hopefully we will be able to get an English sub trailer soon.  “Dragon Ball Z Resurrection of Frieza” will be released in theaters in Japan on April 18,2015 and hopefully we won’t have to wait long for an English sub or dubbed version of the film.

Story brought to you by Joshua Sabillon