Warner Bros has announced the release of  Justice League Throne of Atlantis for January 27, 2015. I am hyped for this next Justice League animated film! The film is about the aftermath of “Justice League War” which is a new origin story for the Justice League. For those who didn’t know DC Comics had another reboot in their DC Comics lineup, which was called “New 52”. DC decided to remake the origin story of the Justice League coming together for the first time to fight off a threat and his name was Darkseid. I recommend watching “Justice League War” to get the new feeling of the new Justice League. Throne of Atlantis will be about the Atlantians wanting to wage war on the surface people and the only one who can bring piece is Aquaman. Aquaman will have to team up with the newly formed Justice League in order to defeat Ocean Master, Black Manta, and The Atlantis army in order to bring piece and claim his rightful place on the Throne of Atlantis. Keep a look out for a review on this film when it releases next month!

Story brought to you by Joshua Sabillon