Last night the finale of Flash vs. Arrow premiered and I have to say it was way better than part one. Part one was shown on the show Flash that is about super powered beings but part two was shown on Arrow which doesn’t have super powered beings but since both shows are in the same universe so we might see some in the future.  Personally I like Arrow more, not because it has been around longer but because it’s more of a realistic and darker tone than Flash. Arrow has a Batman kind of feel which I love because Batman is my favorite hero.  If you haven’t seen my review of part one check it out before you continue reading this review of part two.


Part one of the Flash and Arrow crossover was more of an establishing kind of episode but I still believe that establishing episodes should leave a big impact which makes people want to watch part two even more.  This time around there was more action which I liked because it kept the tone of the show Arrow but team Flash brought in a little more happier and relaxing tone by bringing in a fan boy personality and comedic tone from team Flash’s Cisco. Captain Boomerang was the main villain of this episode and I have to say he is really cool. CB was an A.R.G.U.S agent, which is a secret taskforce that uses extreme measures to take care of criminals and terrorists that also use extreme measures. By the way if you didn’t know Argus is the taskforce that created the Suicide Squad. In the episode CB infiltrated an Argus building taking information and killing a lot of Argus agents. This led to CB playing games with team Arrow and Flash while leading them on a wild goose chase leading to him placing five bombs around Starling City and even almost killing and Argus agent who is close to team Arrow. But at the end of the say good beats evil.

In the last review I talked about how the Arrow (Oliver Queen) and the Flash (Barry Allen) had a master and student moment on Oliver teaching Barry to be more careful, look at your surroundings, and don’t rush into combat. But this episode like all student and mentors the student always tends to bring out a sense of innocence by reminding Oliver that he still has a piece of humanity left in him. In the show Arrow they show flashbacks on Oliver’s life before he became the Arrow and he has gone through hell and back learning how to survive and picking up some skills on the way, even ending up being forced to work for Argus.  Oliver as the Arrow uses more brutal tactics or “torcher” but he calls it “interrogating” like shooting and arrow into someone shoulder or leg to get information from criminals to find his target. This works for Oliver because that was taught to him while working for Argus. But Barry lets him know that there is still good in the world and still good in him. Barry says to Oliver “You think everything you have been through took away your humanity, but I think it’s because of your humanity that you made it through. You would have survived much less become a hero, somebody who wants to do good, if you didn’t have a light inside of you.” I think this speaks to all of us because no matter what we have been through we can always do good and make sure that no one else gets to experience the hell we have been through. Aside from this episode showing Oliver that he still is human and is still a good person it was also an experience for team flash. Team Flash deals more with super powers so to them it’s kind of a fantasy to them but now they see that it’s not just a game but also something to really take seriously.

Overall I give this episode a 10/10 it ended the collaboration in a good vibe. I loved this episode because it brought more of a tough love value between both teams and by them working together they saved the day. The only thing I thought they were going show but didn’t was the mysterious woman in the Flash episode or even Firestorm, I guess it was just foreshadowing on what is going to happen on Flash in the future. But overall what this collaboration it very entertaining and it is good to know that DC is keeping its TV universe strong, lets just hope they can do the same for their cinematic universe.


Story brought to you by Josh Sabillon