Tonight premiered the two-night event of DC’s TV universe Flash vs. Arrow.  The first installment premiered on the CW’s The Flash and tomorrow December 3rd will premier on the CW’s Arrow. Arrow is currently in its 3rd season with The Flash making it’s premier in October but both are taking over the hero genre on TV. This fall we got a glimpse of a future crossover episode and I became excited when they revealed that The Flash would be in the same universe as Arrow when the Flash was announced. The difference between both shows is that Arrow goes after regular villains but Flash is actually fighting against super powered villains. I’m not going to give out too much of this episode and I hope you all take the time to enjoy these shows like I have. WARNING THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS. 

Coming into this crossover I excited to see two teams come together and fight bad guys to make the world safer for everyone. This episode took a different route on what I expected and became more of the master teaching the apprentice type of deal and I liked it since Flash (Barry Allen) is still new to the whole hero thing unlike the Arrow (Oliver Queen) who has had years of experience.  Usually how crossovers work are two heroes come together then they meet, they talk, which leads to fighting, and then leading to putting their differences aside and joining together to save the day. Since both characters have established a connection before this crossover I new it wasn’t going to be the usual heroes bickering but something new and I was very curious. Both teams come together by team Arrow seeking help from team Flash in order to track a man with a unique weapon of choice, a boomerang. The weapon belongs to Captain Boomerang who in the comics is one of the Flashes main villains and is part of villain team called The Rouges but in the show he is solo. To sum things up Captain Boomerang was shown in Arrow which crossed over to this episode thus having a boomerang.

In the Flashes world a new villain comes who is named Prism and he can bring out rage in anyone by just looking in their eyes making their eyes glow red and then attack anyone around them. Seeing this I was excited, two heroes and two villains I want to see a fight! Both villains were established but yet the story focused more on Oliver teaching Barry of thinking smarter and not just rushing in to save the day since it can have some repercussions. Since Barry is still new to this hero thing and with an ego from having super speed he decides to ignore his teaching from Oliver and go catch Prism, which led to him becoming affected by Prism and becoming angry. This led to what the title reads as “Flash vs. Arrow”. Flash slowly becomes angry to the point where he takes his anger out on the ones he loves leading to him fighting Arrow. The fight scene was pretty cool since they brought in both fighting styles of each hero. The Arrow proved to be a challenge to Flash despite having super powers, much like Batman and Superman.  Still the Flash brought a beating to the Arrow but at the end of the day the Flashes genius friends help save the day by calming him down, leading to a tie. The ending on the other hand was pretty week since it just showed Prism being locked up in a secret underground jail, which took away from the Flash and Arrow teaming up. There also were things that were random like a woman who looks like she’s from Oliver’s past showing up randomly and not to mention Ronnie Raymond aka Firestorm. Are they going to be part of tomorrows episode, I guess we will find out.

Overall I enjoyed this first episode of this crossover since it showed the relationship between Oliver and Barry and how they can learn from each other to become better. My favorite part was when Diggle, who is the Arrows partner, finally meets the Flash and looks like he saw a ghost. I only wish that the conflict between the Flash and the Arrow were more personal instead of having a super powered villain make them fight each other. Most of the bickering came from team Flash who did not trust the Arrow because of his past. For this episode I give it 7/10, it was enjoyable and entertaining but I wanted more, more conflict, more stakes, something big that needs to be told in two episodes.  We still have part 2 tomorrow and hopefully it can deliver something good to finish this “Flash vs. Arrow” crossover.

Story brought to you by Joshua Sabillon