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In the absence of a leader, common sense must lead the way.

As the city of Ferguson struggles to find a starting point to rebuild the carnage sparked by pain and frustration, there is no magical Phoenix to rise from the ashes left behind.

Businesses burned and dreams deferred, as frustrations were mistakenly turned towards its own community.

Apologies are owed to many; the innocent residents caught in the crosshairs of a national tragedy, the protesters, Black and white alike, who were simply there to take a stand and most importantly to the parents of Michael Brown, who have been forced to relive the loss of a child.

At the end of the day this is what has been forgotten, because right or wrong, Darren Wilson is here to recount his tale. Brown is not.

While pundits have already attempted to shift the focus to “Black on Black” crime, which curiously is only brought up after the slaying of a minority at the hands of someone else, no mention is made of the simple fact that, when Blacks kill one another they are jailed. When Blacks are killed by others…well you know the rest.

As always, we are scrambling to sensationalize the flames, but not what actually sparked them.

Instead we tell ourselves that race no longer matters, conveniently ignoring the fact that many have been killed for this reason alone.

Instead we will pull out a scapegoat and talk about the “violence of Black culture,” instead of facing the violence that this country was founded upon.

And when this happens again, as American history has shown is highly likely; we will simply change the name of the victim and the amount of bullets used to kill them, and repeat the cycle again.

For this is how we handle race in America; in that regard, we are as consistent as baseball and apple pie.