Trey Songz - Touchin Lovin feat. Nicki Minaj

Being erroneously assigned to the city of Chicago at the Soul Train Awards isn’t going to stop Trey Songz from building on the momentum his recent sixth studio album, TRIGGA, afforded him. With his The Featherstones-produced “Touchin’ Lovin'” single featuring Nicki Minaj making its rounds on radio, Songz opted to release a set of visuals for the breakthrough track.

Trigga Trey’s “Touchin, Lovin'” music video goes the highly creative route, an interactive affair in conjunction with that’s complete with choices the viewer must make to choose Trey’s fare… err, fate. The beautiful women are plentiful and, thankfully, there’s no skipping past Nicki Minaj posted up on the throne. It’s nice to believe it’s you directing the action and not director Jason Zada, if only for certain select moments. Oh, and for you thirsties fans who can’t resist a replay or two (or three), there’s even a little “tracker” at the bottom to show you what percent of “Trey’s fantasies” you’ve unlocked.

Trey Songz’s “Touchin, Lovin” single featuring Nicki Minaj appears on Songz’s TRIGGA LP, available now.