Want bars to complete your Sunday night? Hear DJ Premier & Royce Da 5’9″ short but sweet PRhyme collaboration. The nine-track effort premiered by NPR sticks to the old adage that “dope beats and dope rhymes” can still win out in a commercialized, machine riddled genre. The original purpose of PRhyme was to have Premier work with the majority of Slaughterhouse but when schedules became conflicted, it became Primo and Royce, two men who don’t have much to prove other than making people understand that their thoughts of hip-hop, at times dusty but verbose whether it be via hands or words has a place.

PRhyme finds Royce far more refined and polished than he was on he and Premier’s previous collaboration, 2000’s smash underground single “Boom”. Considering that the majority of the soundscapes come right from the mind of Adrian Younge, PRhyme represents Chris Martin from Prairie View in a rare mood, focused, inspired and hell bent on proving that a beat from him in 2014 still means something other than a traditionalist trying to run with a ’90s gimmick.

Stream the album below in full via NPR.