For years now, Dallas’ Cashmir has released single after single, video after video in prelude to a bigger end. That end is his debut mixtape, Prodigy. In a rather unique time for Dallas rap, whether the self proclaimed weirdoes and kids of the ’90s are starting to become louder, Cashmir’s act remains deep in the middle. His allegiance with Brain Gang gives him access to Blue, X and others wihin arms reach. But as someone who’s been trying his damndest to break through the glass ceiling that is D-Town rap, he’s opinionated enough to revel in what makes Dallas so special in the first place.

That’s what a feature from the likes of B Hamp displays not only an eye for old Dallas boogie but new era straight-forwardness. Ish D, Xclu Productions, Lexi Banks, Zeon Harris and 808Hitzville and Fat Boogie all lend help to the tape whether it be via the boards or guest verses. Other than that, it’s a Cashmir show through and through. It’s how it should be for a debut proper tape, one where your weaknesses aren’t hidden by others. I think Cashmir would like it that way. Stream his Prodigy tape in full below.