I was really skeptical when I heard there was gonna be another installment to the Jurassic Park franchise. But after watching the new trailer for Jurassic World, that worry has been silenced. The official trailer takes us into the fantasy of what this theme park was meant to be when originally created in the 90’s. Jurassic World stars the beautiful Bryce Dallas Howard and recently spotlighted Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Chris Pratt.

The park is now fully opened for business and has clearly worked out the bugs to thrive. But like any creator of life, the God complex kicks in and wants to push the fabric of creation. Bryce’s character is the head director of the genetics lab for the dinosaurs and unknown to most of the employees is creating something that will change the game. The creation of a hybrid dinosaur appears to be revolutionary in her eyes, but when this dinosaur is let loose onto the park, in the word of good ole J.R. “All Hell has broken loose.”

Now its a race to get everyone to safety and try to put down this beast before its too late. And is it just me? Or does Pratt character look like the guy from Turok? This trailer will definitely silence all those that doubted this film like myself. Not to mention Pratt riding along side a pack of Raptors. Jurassic World takes on theaters June 12, 2015.