Go to church, make sure you pay your tithes while hitting the Wobble. That’s the effect you get from hearing the trumpet and bombast of Chance The Rapper & The Social Experiment’s latest single “Sunday Candy.” The Experiment, composed of Chance, trumpeter Donnie Trumpet, Nate Fox & Peter Cottontale are preparing to issue out their debut record together, Surf, with Donnie’s name getting top billing.

Singer Jamila Woods joins the group on “Sunday Candy” which takes heavy trumpet bows and steel pans to not only be joyous in the vein of Sunday Service but also jerk and move like Chicago does on a daily basis. Considering that Trumpet (real name Nico Segal) and Chance are childhood friends who expanded bits of their sound within Kids These Days, their evolution is clear on “Sunday Candy” as well as the tremendous “Arthur” flip that arrived earlier this summer. Stream “Sunday Candy” below.