So what if it rained? So what if it was cold? Wiz Khalifa fans are going to do whatever they can to see their Taylor Gang general in live and living color, purple hair or not. Weeks after the conclusion of his Under The Influence Of Music Tour, Wiz felt that he wasn’t done making love to the road.

He appeared, loud and vibrant, aided by plenty of weed smoke and personal good vibes despite aspects of it in shambles. The setlist fans got from his UTIOM was the exact same although everything inside Warehouse Live made it a bit more raw, more intimate. “James Bong” brought Wiz to gyrating and dancing on stage as if it were only him and for a moment, that’s what fans want from a Wiz Khalifa show. None of the tabloid stuff, just him — whether he be draped in Jimmy Buffet style Hawaiian shirts or begging all of those in attendance to seek higher things for themselves.

Catch the photo gallery shot by guest photographer Mike Munoz below.