Ezra Miller

So I just received confirmation that DC Comics and Warner Brothers have found their star who will portray Barry Allen aka The Flash in the 2018 film release. His name is Ezra Miller, and if you are like me you are probably throwing your chair at a topaz wall screaming “Who The Fuck Is This Guy?” Now I am not opposed to hiring a fresh face to portray iconic Superheroes, but the casting director must have been smoking that Walter White Meth when he decided that Ezra Miller was the perfect fit to portray The Flash. Now for those that do not know Miller’s acting chops, his cinematic performances are focused mainly towards the independent scene. His most recognized work is in the film The Perks of Being a Wallflower along side Logan Lerman(Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters) and Emma Watson(Harry Potter).

Now since the release of the television adaptation of The Flash I have come to terms with Barry Allen being portrayed as a scrawny nerd, that has a hard time with the ladies. Lets face it, not every superhero that is brought to live action can be a muscle-bound freak with handsome features, studios have to adapt to the society that we live in which is perfectly fine. But on that same note, there are a wide range of new actors that would be more qualified for this role(One of them is currently portraying the flash now, HELLO!!). In the past casting for superhero films have left us scratching our heads, but a majority of actors casted have live up to the challenge in capturing the character. I do not see this being the case. Look out ladies and gents, because I see the makings of another Daredevil in effect. Lets hope the director, writers, and cast can change that as we continue to cover this story. The Flash is due to run into theaters in 2018.