For years now we have been teased with the potential making of a Janis Joplin biopic. Yet it remains in cinematic limbo due to actress’s dropping from the film, writers not portraying the icon properly, or directors leaving the project. Since then I had given up on this movie making it to the big screen for the world to see…until now. It appears that the movie is finally moving forward and it has found Amy Adams to portray the iconic rockstar. Not to mention the film is in talk to bring director¬†Jean-Marc Valle on board.

Even though Valle is in talk to direct the film, he appears to be attach as he mention in his IndieWire interview with TIFF that his next project would be a rock-n-roll film that he couldn’t really discuss.

I particular cannot wait to see Adams portray Joplin on the big screen. Being a native of Joplin’s hometown ¬†I’m excited to see this Icon’s life story be portrayed. Even though her life so cut short Joplin has heavy influenced the scene of rock music and deserves to have her life story told.