At heart, Beyonce is a goof. A über-talented, face of feminism and a sex symbol to many around the globe, goof. After the internet finally beat her to something for the first time in a year with two leaks from her upcoming platinum edition re-release of Beyoncé, the singer drops a “7/11” video complete with tour friends joining in on the fun.

There’s Beyoncé with her Mrs. Carter World Tour dancers on the road, taking over a hotel room to twerk, hold a mean red cup party, shake dice (on top of a woman!), make funny faces and act like she’s part of one huge slumber party. Does Jay Z show up near the end to do cartwheels and possibly end up on an imaginary mogul injury list with blown ACLs? (He is 45 next month.) And why does Blue Ivy just immediately take over everything the moment she takes camera time?

Better yet, why is Beyonce showing us that being “off” for a moment and just letting loose is a sexy thing to see? Questions, answers. Watch the “7/11” video here.