Pusha T for all intents and purposes never really needed a hype man. He didn’t need Kanye West tossing a giant battery in his back (and everyone else’s for that matter) but that “THIS IS PUSHA T” monologue pretty much set the standard for any new Pusha T track for the forseeable future. If it was to be hot, packed with dope boy rhymes and self-gloating metaphors like 2013’s “Numbers On The Boards” was, it earned the official “THIS IS PUSHA T” stamp of approval.

The younger Thornton, the one who still packs keys in the trunk next to the Bible when it comes to rhymes, has been working on King Push for what seems like an eternity, despite My Name Is My Name only hitting the earth last October. He and Kanye West bounce off one another in the kind of way that Jay Z and Ye do, albeit the flash cuts deeper and feels more raw. “Lunch Money” is a fine example of such.

If West found a bit of an alt-rock muse with Aphex Twin on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, those results turn into 8-bit gold on Pusha T’s “Lunch Money”. Taking cues from a few Animal Collective tracks, West on the boards takes minimalism and makes everything clash. Pusha on the other hand just need be him, rhyming about body counts in a sleazy, yet enjoyable way and still packing pounds — not the ones Rick Ross shed. Hear “Lunch Money” from the duo below.

Pusha T’s King Push album has yet to be given a release date.