At heart, Ozieren will use every bit of Alief as a canvas to paint a story. The stories could be about walking down the street yet there’s a specter of danger and nefarious influence. Milli RoyaLe isn’t new to any of this, same for Express. The two Alief alumni know corner store dealings, the intrigue of someone posted up near a pay phone to avoid getting tracked and then some.

“Day To Day” for all intents and purposes is your standard wake up, breathe and try to go to sleep in the same spot type of track. Both Milli & Express dream for the moment where sitting atop the city is the only perch that matters. More Milli RoyaLe is necessary. We know Express will try to cut someone down in order to get his own legs together but Milli RoyaLe wants to focus and let things fall as they may. In Alief, there’s no such thing as waiting. It’s either take or get taken.

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