What a difference a few years makes.

When Stockz released MylesDEEP, the consensus on the Houston based rapper was pretty simple – a wiry kid with a huge head of hair that could rap in a thin, sometimes slurred voice that got the attention of plenty. His appeal was his looks, his charm and how easy it was to buy into it. MylesDEEP sort of dug deeper into the story, picked at certain aspects of the rapper that he wouldn’t necessarily reveal upon having an initial conversation with him and moved on from there. The calm before the storm if you will.

Stockz however is smart. He knows that the percentage of him landing exactly where he wants to will come from just revealing his story in nights of debauchery and looking back. Instead, he’s going to have to get ignorant from time to time. Sparse, to the point and sometimes quick to the punch, Ingorance is a short and sweet EP that aims strictly for one area of the world and wants to hibernate in it. Tracks like “Love It” with Rai P & “Knockin” utilize the most straight-forward production: banging cymbal, trunk beating 808 drums, enough ounce from Stockz’ lyrical cache just to keep people to pay attention.

Ignorance is a tape built in nihilism and the team that Stockz assembles production wise know this. Bro Dini, AVE11, Cam Wallace & RENE know that they are here to step in, create sounds that will no doubt break shit and then leave. They bought into the Ignorance, now so can you. Stream the EP and #InvestInStockz at his official site here.