There’s getting a tip out if you’re a dancer and then there’s the sums of $1 dancers and employees at Rick’s Cabaret are set to receive. A judge in New York awarded the dancers $10.9 million after finding them unfairly classified by the club as “independent contractors”.

The lesson as always – strippers are people too and no, Drake can’t save all of them.

Via Reuters:

Exotic dancers at a midtown Manhattan strip club were awarded nearly $10.9 million by a U.S. judge who found they were employees unfairly classified by the club as independent contractors.

The damages cover unpaid wages and withheld gratuities dancers employed at Rick’s Cabaret, U.S. District Judge Paul Engelmayer in Manhattan said. The action was brought on behalf of some 2,000 dancers employed at the club – owned by Peregrine Enterprises Inc, a unit of RCI Hospitality Holdings Inc – going back to 2005.

The award is short of the $18.8 million in damages the dancers sought, and the judge left the balance to be decided at a trial. The date will be set shortly, the court order said.

Shares in RCI Hospitality Holdings were down 0.44 percent to $11.23 per share in mid-day trading.

“There is no current or near term obligation to pay any sums as a result of this decision,” RCI Hospitality said in a statement. “The case will be appealed once final judgment is reached after trial.”