2014 Forest Hills Drive. Fayetteville, North Carolina 28303.

That, to Jermaine Cole represents home. The second home he, his mother and his brother moved into in Fayetteville. The home and surrounding area where his formative years understanding rap, girls and much of life occurred. He’s a graduate of the high school class of 2003, which makes him closer to thirty (he reaches the marker next January) and almost distances him from a lot of his peers.

Yes, 2014 Forest Hills Drive is the title of J.Cole’s upcoming third album. The one that iTunes and Amazon hinted at for more than a few days and Cole confirmed late Sunday night. There are supposedly 13 tracks, though none of the titles show up on pre-orders. He cryptically tells fans, “This time I’m releasing no singles, just the album. See you in 3 weeks.”

For those who’ve been following Cole since The Warm Up (or even The Come Up in some ways), 2014 Forest Hills Drive and the tone of the video that accompanies the announcement is that of home. Of his longtime girlfriend and his mother and his brother, those small town idioms he still abides by and lessons he walks around with to this day. He may not have said much this year, outside of “Free,” which arrived earlier in the fall but now’s the time. If fans are to get even more of the Jermaine Cole story — why not start at home?

Pre-order 2014 Forest Hills Drive now on iTunes.