As a college student it can be difficult, specially when it comes to food. I have found many ways to make big long lasting dinners on a budget. Do you love pasta? Here is a perfect dish for you, this dish is a personal favorite from a little Italian place I used to visit in my hometown.

Leaving home can be hard, because we leave our favorite dishes behind too. We have to improvise. Using my memory and taste buds, I successfully replicated a Pepperoni Spinach Fettuccine Penne Pasta. It’s a mouth full, but don’t get intimidated, its creamy, delicious, cheesy, and has pepperoni! Hello! You can’t go wrong with pepperoni.

unnamedHere is what you’ll need, and all from Wal-mart or your local grocery store :

  • Bag of pepperoni (Hormel Pepperoni Original 7oz.) $2.98

  • Penne Noodles (Great Value 1lb.) $.88

  • Spinach (Market side: Fresh Spinach 10oz.) $1.98

  • Three Italian shredded cheese <Price can vary to 2-3$>

  • 2 Jars of Fettuccine (15oz.) <Price can vary to 2-3$>  “YOUR FAVORITE BRAND CAN WORK”

Total = $14.84 (not including tax)


Hopefully the specific brand and estimate prices will help you as you shop.  Once you have collected your items find yourself a big cooking pan that is deep enough (2-3inchs deep) to hold the dish, and that can stand the heat of your oven. Get a big pot to start boiling your noodles; if you’re boiling 1lb of noodles a four inch deep pot is fine, but if you’re boiling 2lbs you might want to consider a bigger pot. As you are waiting for your noodles,  preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Next get your spinach and let it sit in some hot water to soften them up(Spinach can sit in water until your ready). Now its time to start chopping. Grab your pepperoni and a cutting board, cut each one into fours. After you are done with all of that, your noodles should be done!

Drain your noodles and pour them into your cooking pan. Make sure to spread  your noodles so that they lay evenly in the pan. Take the fettuccine jars and pour on top on the noodles and start mixing.  Be sure to mix well (DO NOT MIX THIS ONE) and then once again even out your noodles. Next, drain your spinach, and start sprinkling your spinach leaves as well as your chopped pepperoni. on top of the noodles. Sprinkle the entire bag of shredded three cheeses from corner to corner of your pan. Now that your dish is prepared set it into the oven for 15 minutes until the cheese is a golden brown.

This dish should last you for about a week if you cut them into appropriate proportions. You can store these portions in sandwich size Tupperware in your fridge, or even store some in the freezer to last longer.


I hope you enjoy this dish just as much as I do. Good Luck.

Story Brought to you by Jazmyne “Jay Babie” Hicks