The key purpose of having a Jay Z tag next to your song title is to expect a guest verse from Hov to buoy interest in said song. Rick Ross probably has more guest verses from Jay than anybody else running at this point. On the percussion heavy “Moving Bass” from the former Miami fat man’s Hood Billionaire, Ross glides over a bassline and atmospherics that are smoother than a Land Terrain vehicle. All Jay ends up contributing to “Moving Bass” is the chorus and that’s it.

Now, one could argue that Hood Billionaire is merely a ton of leftovers from Ross’ Mastermind album and that Ross is going for complete gluttony with two albums in less than a eight month span. Ross isn’t DMX in his prime, his buzz more tepid and part of a bigger general malaise in rap (unless your last name is Lamar or Graham). “Moving Bass” isn’t memorable, not in the least bit, especially considering how Jay & Ross gave us “The Devil Is A Lie” near the end of last year. So how else is Ross going to make you take prime interest in his latest album? Simple – he’s going to shove it down your throat until you get it.

“Moving Bass” can be found on Hood Billionaire, slated to be released on November 24th.