The NFL Players’ Association sent a letter to the NFL on Friday calling for the immediate reinstatement of running Adrian Peterson, per the agreement both sides made for the Minnesota Vikings running back to go on Commissioner Roger Goodell’s exemption list in September according to sources. If the NFL opts to deny the agreement, then NFLPA would then be able to file for an expedient non-injury grievance to have Peterson reinstated immediately.

In response, the league is insisting that Peterson submit all evidence from his court case, so that side experts can review the documents and independent experts can use the information provided to make recommendations on potential disciplinary action. After that evidence is provided to the league, Peterson and the NFLPA would meet directly with Commissioner Goodell to discuss what happened. The resulting disciplinary decision might well set a new precedent for the NFL’s recently-established personal conduct policy.

An official within the NFL said the original agreement established between Peterson and the league, allowed for Peterson to be on paid leave until completion of his legal proceedings, after which point the matter would be reviewed for potential discipline under the personal conduct policy.

It’s obvious how seriously the NFL is taking the Adrian Peterson case; look no further than the Minnesota Vikings’ current struggles at running back while Peterson remains off the field; and fans are surely disappointed in being unable to see their beloved AD demolishing defenses, breaking tackles, and making touchdowns. The hope is that Peterson’s return will come sooner than later. But as more things develop surrounding this recent push for Peterson’s reinstatement, you can be sure we’ll keep you informed and updated.

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