As if i wasn’t intrigued by Warner Bros. announcement for the film adaptation of DC’s Suicide Squad, they have definitely peeked my interest in their first official casting for the upcoming film. Sources are informing me that The Wolf of Wall Street’s Margot Robbie has been casted to play the Joker’s maniacal soul mate Harley Quinn.

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Although this actress doesn’t have much of a resume, being able to hold your own with Leonardo DiCaprio leaves quite the impression on movie buff and can take her a long way in the hollywood realm.  She has also scored roles in the upcoming Tarzan film and Focus opposite Will Smith (Whom is also rumored to play in the suicide squad). After watching her performance in The Wolf of Wall Street  this flawless beauty has sparked a interest in me as far as portraying this legendary character. Since the creation of the Suicide Squad DC has allowed us to really explore the dimension of Harley Quinn. I have faith that Robbie will be able to bring this to the big screen. More to come as this story unfolds