Growing up, certain status symbols make you feel invincible, damn near on the same level as a superhero. Kids of the ’80s, both Donnie Houston & Jett I. Masstyr understand that a solid sparkling rope around your neck, mainly a white gold chain meant you were the man, that the girls would flock and every dude in your clique knew you were on top. Donnie & Jett I. are the Soul Brothers, two producers who enjoy sampling to death and wouldn’t dare attempt to create a new beat without digging in the crates first.

For their first release together in what may seem like forever, the Soul Brothers grab three of their favorite emcees in Rob Gullatte, Doeman & Hollywood FLOSS for “White Gold Chain”, with just a bit of Jack Freeman’s soulful voice tossed in for extra effect. Here it’s not about who dropped the best verse or most memorable line, it’s all about synergy and piecing childhood memories, thoughts and ambitions together for modern day success. Stay tighter than a herringbone. Matter of fact, just listen to “White Gold Chain” below and puff out your chest a little bit.