There’s money singles and then there’s the perfect swell that is OneHunnidt’s “Screw Culture” track with Bee Honey & E.S.G. I’ve already made the case that top to bottom, this is the best rap song released within city limits this year and now it just gets even sweeter as OG Ron C & DJ Candlestick decide to flip it flow their own chop not slop enjoyment.

“Screw Culture” didn’t really need the Chopstars stamp of approval. It didn’t need any real cosign to begin with. But that’s sort of its allure and pull. Either OG Ron C is a huge Tevin Campbell fan or figured that the combination of E.S.G. talking Houston rap history with OneHunnidt was too impossible to ignore. Point is, there’s a “Screw Culture” remix that now needs any and all the Houston rap legends Hunnidt has on speed dial. You know, just to bring it all full circle.